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How do I take care for my tea plant?

The Camellia Sinensis from Tea by Me is an easy to maintain plant but also has its preferences;) Read all our tips below so you can enjoy these plants for years.


Outside, bright sunny place to half shade.

Indoor sit is best not to put your plant above a heating or next to the stove. A (naturally) light spot is fine.


Slightly acidic soil. Ph 5-7. Similar to Rhododendron and Azalea. A well aerated basis is preferred. Clay soil, you aerate deeply with sandy soil and humus. Light sandy soil, you will aerate with humus.


Outside in the soil, after hot summer days you better sprinkle water over the plants after sunset. Outside in a pot, in summer 2x per week. In winter 2x per month provided that it is not frozen.
Indoors you water the plant 2x per week.

In a greenhouse, conservatory/orangery

After a hot summer day you sprinkle water slightly over your plants. Make sure you open up some windows or doors to give the plants fresh air. 2x per week a little water.
In winter 1x per week a little water, fresh air regularly.
The Camellia Sinensis hates ‘wet feet’.
Guard that there is no water remained in the ornamental pot. Make sure you have good drainage in tubs and pots.


Your plant has ‘wood’ and ‘green’.  Wood is the brown woody area at the bottom of the plant. Green is the part that literally is green and is growing on the woody part.

Do you want to grow a wide full plant on which many fresh twigs grow than pruning on the green part of the plant is preferred.

Cut a twig just above the start of a new branch on the green area. When you do not prune the plant will only grow in height and not create more new twigs.

The plant can easily grow 2 meters high and therefore is a very appropriate hedge plant.

Tea hedge planting

For an instant beautiful hedge you better plant 8 plants per 1 meter. Pot size 10cm.

Prune your hedge regularly between April and September. Prune above the woody area.

Do not prune during wintertime. The hedge then will bloom during winter.


End of October to February. White flower with yellow heart. Light fragrant.

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