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Let’s make tea local

Black tea, green tea, white tea … Whatever your favorite taste is, they are all made from the leaves of one tea plant: Camellia sinesis.

Thousands of years ago, the Chinese started growing and drinking tea. But you can do what they can now. With the Camellia sinesis tea plant from Tea by Me you grow and make your own tea with some love & attention

Making your own tea too much for you? Discover our JOAN dutch tea maker tea collection.

Watch this video with our story!

Make it

How fantastic is it to make your own tea? Pick your own leaves, heat, dry and then let them soak in hot water for a few minutes …
It was the Chinese who started growing and drinking tea thousands of years ago. But Tea by Me (and you!) Can do what they can now. With the leaves of our hardy Camellia sinensis you can now get started yourself.

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Making your own tea too laborious? No problem! Tea by Me makes its own delicious quality tea (JOAN dutch tea makers). These Tea by Me tea leaves do not get the chance to lose some of their good qualities. The tea comes from own local oxygen producing tea plants and does not make a long CO 2 trip from the Far East. From tea plant to tea glass: transparent for everyone.

Drink it

Water, the finest young tea tops and a little patience, you don’t need more to enjoy our home-grown green tea. A moment for yourself. The caffeine present provides a good dose of energy, so that you can start working again afterwards.

Fresh tea as a green and healthy thirst quencher.

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